Tea Party Bridal Shower Invitations

While tea party bridal showers are timeless and elegant, there are many matching themes that can be incorporated into the invitation design to create a unique and memorable event. Here are some other bridal shower themes that are related to tea party bridal shower invitations:

Garden Party:

  • A garden party theme complements the elegance of a tea party and adds a touch of natural beauty.
  • Incorporate floral patterns or botanical illustrations on the invitations to set the tone for this charming event.
  • Decorate the venue with fresh flowers, lush greenery, and pastel colors to create an enchanting garden atmosphere.
  • Serve refreshing herbal teas, finger sandwiches, and delicate pastries on vintage-inspired tableware.


  • Embrace nostalgia by hosting a vintage-inspired bridal shower.
  • Design invitations that feature lace patterns, sepia-toned images, or vintage typography to evoke an old-world charm.
  • Decorate with antique teacups, doilies, and vintage linens to enhance the vintage aesthetic.
  • Consider organizing activities such as hat-making or vintage dress-up sessions to engage guests in the theme.

Alice in Wonderland:

  • Create a whimsical atmosphere inspired by Lewis Carroll's beloved story.
  • Use tea party bridal shower invitations designed with elements from Alice in Wonderland, such as playing cards, pocket watches, or quirky characters like the Mad Hatter or Cheshire Cat.
  • Decorate with tea sets adorned with mismatched cups and saucers, oversized playing cards hanging from ceilings, and colorful paper lanterns.
  • Serve "eat me" treats and "drink me" beverages alongside traditional tea fare.

Bohemian Chic:

  • Opt for a relaxed and bohemian vibe for a tea party with a twist.
  • Choose invitations that feature dreamcatchers, feathers, or watercolor illustrations to capture the boho aesthetic.
  • Create cozy seating areas using floor cushions, low tables, and draped fabrics.
  • Offer a variety of loose leaf teas and serve organic snacks or artisanal desserts for a more modern take on the traditional tea party.

Parisian Inspired:

  • Transport guests to the romantic streets of Paris by hosting a chic Parisian-inspired bridal shower.
  • Use invitations adorned with Eiffel Tower silhouettes, French macarons, or vintage postcard designs to set the mood.
  • Decorate with elegant tablecloths, delicate floral arrangements, and flickering candles to create an intimate ambiance reminiscent of a Parisian café.
  • Serve French pastries, gourmet chocolates, and fragrant teas to satisfy your guests' taste buds.

While tea party bridal showers are undeniably classic and timeless, there are various other themes that can be incorporated into the invitation design to add an extra touch of flair. Whether you opt for a garden party theme, vintage-inspired decor, an Alice in Wonderland whimsy, bohemian chic style, or choose to transport guests to the romantic streets of Paris, there are plenty of ways to make your bridal shower unique and memorable. Let your imagination run wild as you plan an unforgettable event that celebrates the bride-to-be's preferences and creates lasting memories for everyone involved.